Grounded ground·ed – A good understanding of what is really important in life.


  • In todays modern world, society and specifically the youth are slowly but steadily moving away from any form of religion.
  • Our youths do not acquire sufficient spiritual teaching, and when they do, they do not heed to the call of Jesus to Christ.
  • The youth stand a better chance of influencing their peers to embrace a more spiritual life. Youth Influences Youth.

What we Intend to do

  • The Grounded Movement is to Awaken a Spiritual, Loving, Positive movement.
  • With the Grounded movement, we intend to plant Faithful seeds and to help lead people in the right direction with apparel.
  • We hope our clothing helps to spark a conversation or visualy send a subtle message or reminder of God’s Love.

How We Intend to Achieve This

  • One of the founders of Grounded Clothing is skilled in graphic design and photography for over 20 years
  • The movement will harness these important skills to create a positive clothing brand.
  • We believe clothing tells a lot about ourselves and send a message about what your about.
  • It is the intention of Grounded Clothing to blend faith with fashion. Why can’t Faith be Fashionable?

Our Goal

  • Upon the formation of the movement, our main aim is to reach out and wear your hearts on your sleeves and express your faith with apparel. We strive to remind the faithful and plant a seed to others. 
  • We want our Spiritual leaders out there to wear our apparel with pride and become someone that can help spread the word of God.
  • Finally, we aim to reach more people by promoting our clothing brand.


  • The time to bring God back to our classrooms is now.
  • We believe that the route we have chosen will help create a movement to help save our youths and the society at large by enhancing their spiritual lives.